Healthville - Yoga & Nature cure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar, Naturopathy Centre in Bhubaneswar

Healthville - Love the Nature, Live with Nature, Cure with Nature

Healthville is the place where one can learn and implement how to take care of one's body.

Steps to Healthy Lifestyle
1) Walk when possible 2) Drink less often 3) Bring your lunch to work 4) Take Vacations 5) Stay away from negativity 6) End toxic habits 7) Take time away from technology

Healthville - Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Best Naturopathy Centre in Bhubaneswar

Programme offered by Healthville

1) De-Stress Program
Stress management is of utmost priority in this fast moving world of work stress, meeting targets and achieving goals in all walks of life. The experts in the field will assess your condition based on factors such as biochemical imbalances, hormone levels, genetic predispositions, personality types, social factors, use of drugs and other substances, and other medical causes to find the cause of your stress. A complete stress analysis before and aster the treatment will also be done. It helps not just to relax the mind and body but also prevents lifestyle disorders including anxiety from its very root level.

2) Rejuvenation Program
Program offers a unique rejuvenation program tailored to your body constitution, This program focuses on the restoring complete health of the body and mind can be modified to suit one's age, body condition as well as season.

3) Anti-ageing Program
Do you want to age gracefully? Do you want to hold onto your youthfulness for as long as you can? If yes, we offers result-driven antiageing therapies and treatments, which are 100% natural. To deal with age-issues, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots, dull eyes and dry skin, our qualified naturopaths offer mud therapy, steam bath and sauna, dieat therapy and yoga. Comprehensive anti-ageing program addresses both inside and out, and is personalized  exactly according to individualized needs. Highly trained professionals will provide you with a diet and lifestyle counseling session, to understand your needs.

Healthville - Best Naturopathy Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Health Conditions Program

1) Joint and Spinal Care
This program helps to manage pain and rejuvenate joints. It deals with musculo-Neuro-Skeletal conditions like Osteo-Arthritis, Spondylosis, Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Repetitive Stress Injury and Other spinal and joint related disorders. The customized treatments for chronic conditions helps in improving quality of life by arresting  the progression, fastens the healing process and it includes a post treatment regimen of diet and exercise.

2) Diabetes Wellness Program
It helps in managing and monitoring your diabetes by rectifying unhealthy lifestyle which helps in preventing short and long term complications. Diabetic neuropathy can be prevented by our diabetes management program.

3) Respiratory and Allergy Management
This program focuses on improving quality of life by treating asthma and allergy in holistic way. The main intention would be to improve overall respiratory health than short term medication to relieve just symptoms. The treatment gives a new lease of life to the natural immunity of the body, which then is able to fight the allergies and other symptoms of the disease.

4) Weight Management
Assessment is made clinically on the basis of health conditions, associated disorders, body constitution, metabolism, hereditary factors, age, stress and other lifestyle indications. We customize your weight loss treatments if the underlying cause is hypothyroidism, PCOD, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, metabolic disturbances etc. To create optimal body-mind balance, Healthville offers the weight management.

5) Weekend Wellness
A healing weekend can energize your body and mind for fresh a new start. It is an ideal place to engage in Yoga, Hiking, Nature Walks, Guided meditation, Rejuvenating Ayurveda massages, Indoor and Outdoor games, connecting with nature and one self, experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise, eat healthy Vegan cuisine and learn living with a purpose. This wellness will transform the way you see personal health by engaging less with the technology and connecting more with nature.

6) Corporate Wellness Program
Rejuvenation, Recreation and Detoxification

Employee Health Risk
59% don't get adequate exercise, 50% or more have high cholesterol, 24% have high blood pressure, 27% have cardiovascular diseases, 26% are over weight by 20% or more. 70% to 90% of health care is caused by preventable,modifiable health risks....

A healthy workplace and a healthy workplace are necessary for any business to achieve success. Benefits of corporate wellness programs would directly reflect in the organization's performance. So, customized corporate wellness services and corporate yoga have become a very integral part of corporate health management for maintaining the progressive momentum in the organization. To maintain optimum workplace wellness, employee health and wellness programs are the best solution.

1) Awareness of ways to improve health
2) Less stressful workplace
3) Improved health and higher morale
4) Greater job satisfaction
5) Increased productivity
6) Reduced personal health care costs
7) Flexible approach to health issues

With Healthville Corporate Wellness program, you can avail amazing benefits of corporate stress relief and corporate weight loss therapies and get the best performance from the employees.

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Diseases Treated:
1) Endocrine Disorder 2) Lifestyle Disorder 3) Respiratory Disorder 4) Gastrointestinal Disorder 5) Musculokeletal Disorder 6) Cardiovascular Disorder 7) Neurological Disorder

Treatments at Healthville Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar
1) Acupuncture-acupressure
2) Hydrotherapy
3) Aromatherapy
4) Physical Medicine (different types of massages)
5) Biofeedback
6) Cryotherapy
7) Yoga & Meditation

Healthville - Yoga & Naturecure Centre
Shantivan, Bhalunka, Godisahi
Bhubaneswar-24, Odisha
Website -
Email -
Phone No - +91- 7008999277

Some Pictures from Healthville - Best Yoga & Naturecure Center in Bhubaneswar

Yoga Centre in Bhubaneswar

 Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar, Naturecure Centre in Odisha

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

 Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Best Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

 Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

Healthville - Yoga & Naturecure Centre in Bhubaneswar

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