5 Ways To Resolve Travel Complaints Against Travel Companies

There are many people who love to travel to a various destination for happiness and entertainment. Most of the time people travel due to their needs and the importance of their work. But what you will do when you have most important work in the different place and you booked your trip via an online travel portal and suddenly they cancel your ticket or booking then what you will do. This is true as there are various travel complaints raised by various consumers who become a victim of online consumer fraud or travel fraud case. In this situation, you need to aware about your consumer rights and need to recheck or reconfirm all your details related your planned or unplanned travel trip. Misleading with fake advertisements, automatic cancellation or ticket, bus, car, flight, etc, charge extra for their services, looking for a refund, etc are the most common consumer complaints against travel companies. 

How To Resolve Travel Complaints Against Travel Companies 

If you face any problem related to travel companies then you need to choose the following ways to resolve your complaints quickly with an optimal solution. 

1. Customer Support Service:  When you get any dispute with travel company then it is important to contact first customer support service of Travel company. They will hear your voice and provide you with a great support and an excellent solution for your problem. You can find customer support number of email ID online via google search or on their website. 

2. Social Media: Social Media become more useful for all type of business to build an online reputation. Almost travel companies registered their account on various social media accounts to build their online reputation as a business page. You can go through the social media business pages of the company and address your complaint via personal message, comment box, timeline post etc. They will definitely reply you and provide the best solution to your problem. 

3. Online consumer forum: It is a platform where a consumer can show their frustration against the company. There are many consumer complaints forum online who allow consumers to file consumer complaints online and help them to resolve their complaints quickly. Voxya is one of the best examples of consumer forum online. 

4. Send Legal Notice: There are many consumer cases are pending in consumer court or consumer forum. Maybe it takes time to resolve your complaints so it is important to send a legal notice to the company and ask for a solution. An effective writing of consumer complaints helped many consumers to get a solution before going to consumer court. 

5. Consumer Court/ Consumer Forum: Consumer Court is the final place for consumer dispute redressal. It is a special purpose court, in India, that deals with cases regarding consumer grievances and disputes. These are judiciary hearings set up by the government to protect the consumer rights. 

Hope, these ways helpful to resolve your complaints. If you are looking for a quick solution of consumer complaints then file consumer complaints online at Voxya, consumer complaint forum. 

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