How to apply for a scholarship from your smartphone?

With the world going digital, almost everything is now available in just one click on your smartphone. These transformations are even visible in the education sector. From online tutorials to online scholarship application, you can access everything on your fingertips. The only thing you need to have is a smartphone.

How to apply for a scholarship from your smartphone?

Today, about 83% of adults lying in the age group of 18 to 29 years, own a smartphone, out of which the major contribution is being made by the college students. Keeping pace with these figures,Buddy4Study has introduced its user-friendly android-based mobile application that not only helps students gain access to the vast scholarship world, but also eases out its application process.

Download the application

Before you head on to apply for a scholarship online through your smartphone, you necessarily need to have the Buddy4Study application installed on your phone. How? Here are the steps that you can follow –
     Go to the link or search for “Buddy4Study” in your Google Play Store.
     Click on the “Install” button.
     Click on “Accept” and the application will get installed.
     Open the application.
     You will be taken to a login page, where the registered members can log in to their accounts using their registered email id and password, while the new users can register themselves through “Register now” button.
     Get started with the application and make the best use of its advanced features.

Applying for the scholarship through smartphone

Once you have the Buddy4Study application installed on your smartphone, the online scholarship application will be just few steps away –
     Find the scholarships matching with your profile.
     Go through the information of the respective scholarship thoroughly.
     Once you have a clear understanding of the scholarship, click on the “Apply now” button and you will be redirected to the provider’s webpage.
     Complete the application process and submit the application.

Scholarship tips to remember

While you are searching for a scholarship scheme on your smartphone, here are few important tips that you need to consider –
     Make sure you have updated your profile to 100%.
     If the profile is incomplete, you may not get recommendation of scholarships that fit perfectly with your qualifications.
     Find scholarships matching with your profile under the “Matched Scholarship” section or by clicking on “Find my matching scholarships”.
     Before you start your scholarship application, make sure you have gone through the scholarship information carefully and arranged all the required documents on your smartphone as per the specifications.
     Even if you have not completed the application process of any scholarship, you can track its status on the application.

Get notified about the scholarships whose deadline is approaching and search for the scholarships as per your needs with this application in hand. These features are surely going to make your scholarship application process easier, handier and hassle-free.

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