Buddy4Study Scholarship App – Features and Uses

There are lakhs of students in India who do not have any kind of access to computers or laptops. There lacks of technological touch results in them being mostly unaware about the on-goings of the educational sector. Buddy4Study, India’s largest scholarship platform, has come up with a new way to tackle this problem.

Buddy4Study Scholarship App

Since mobiles these days have become an essential part of everyone’s life, most of the students carry mobiles with them or at least have access to them without much difficulty. So Buddy4Study has found a way through mobiles to connect with students and provide them assistance in winning scholarships with as less hassle as possible.

All a student has to do is download the new mobile app named Scholarship for Indian students – Buddy4Study on his/her mobile absolutely free of cost and he/she is ready to browse and select the matched scholarships within few seconds.

The Buddy4Study mobile app boasts of several cool features like:

     Searching scholarships as per the student’s needs
     Saving the student’s favorite scholarships
     Tracking scholarship application status
     Finding scholarships that match the student’s profile
     Getting alerts on scholarships that are closing soon
     Staying updated on the latest scholarships news
     Access to informative tips and blogs on scholarships

This app provides personalized alerts for scholarships that a student stands a chance to win. They get to view the list of featured, trending and recently viewed scholarships. Also, students receive end-to-end application support while applying for a scholarship.

The new app also makes it easier for students to apply for online scholarships without going through the trouble of opening a computer system or laptop. All the matched online scholarships are just a finger touch away.

Since all the scholarships can be categorized on the basis of merit, means, educational level, talent, national, international, government and non-government, it becomes easier for students to choose as per their requirements.

The app is not only limited to scholarships. Students also get an easy access to a massive collection of blogs which tackle all the topics related to education system and running or newly launched scholarship schemes of India. The blog topics range from top national scholarship schemes to easy tips on how to apply for scholarships. You can also view the list of all the winners who have been benefited from scholarships handled by Buddy4Study as well as their testimonials.

So, do not wait if you are serious about your education and want your education to be affordable, download now the Scholarship for Indian students – Buddy4Study by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/2xiCI2e.

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