Water ATMs in Bhubaneswar

The wait for monsoons grow longer with the mercury taking a hike up. Promises and plans have been made many a times by administrations and have failed. The smart city Bhubaneswar which is capital of Odisha was first in the country to propose concept of water ATMs.

Odisha being prone to water scarcity the capital based municipal corporation planned to get over this problem. Fourty water ATMs will be set up in Bhubaneswar . Ten in each slum pockets and other areas will be set up as per the BMC's proposal to government. This idea enables you just to swipe your card and get much needed water. People will not have to stand in queues infront of water tanks anymore.

A water ATM card has to pay thirty paise per litre. There is a withdrawal limit to ensure no excessive use of resources take place. No more than twenty litres of water can be bought per day. Being a people friendly plan this scheme is much awaited since July 12,2015. It also includes construction of urinals across the city.
To ensure cleanliness at tourist draws in city, urinals will be constructed at 64 locations with an investment of Rs 2.5 crore."

— Mayor Anant Narayan Jena

BMC has planned to spend Re 2 crores on this water ATMs.Basant Parida the BMC city engineer has informed that ATMs will be set in areas of water scarcity. Twenty such areas have been decided on which can increase further. 

Water purifying plants will also be set up as reported by city mayor Ananta Narayan Jena. Due to the high number of water borne diseases the corporation has decided to set up this plants.

BMC executive engineer R.N. Mallick said: "In Bhubaneswar we have water impurities such as total dissolved solids (TDS) and bacteria Escherichia coli. Out of several TDS components, iron is a major concern.

The four stages of purification involves two stages of micro filtration through carbon particles, one layer of membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or RO) and ultra-violate (UV) purification. This would finally make the water very pure."

Water would be UV treated before hitting the water bank. It will be transported in steel containers to retain its purity. 

Delhi,Rajasthan,Gujarat have already successfully started using water ATMs in water scarce areas. But BMC is taking too long than the planned time. With jaundice being rampant in the capital delay to install ATMs is becoming a huge concern for bhubaneshwarians. BMC ought to make this dream possible before this summer passes .

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