This Rajo Be Ready For AGASTYA!

This Rajo fasten your seatbelts as you are going to be taken aback by the surprise ollywood has planned for you. "Agastya" will be released under the banner of Akshay Kumar Parija. This movie has raised the expectations of fans. Starring ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty ,the teen heartthrob Akash Das and the glamorous bong girl Jhilik Bhattacharjee this movie is power packed with action,romance and heavy dialogues. 

Due to be released this Friday this movie is the remake of Kannada movie Ugramm. The word ugramm means anger expressed after a lot of tolerant suppression. This movie earned eighteen crores in box office and is to be remade in Hindi and Tamil also. 

Techie turned film maker Prashant Neel has made this confident movie on blood and gore which has set a high level for action movies. It is about Haripriya who arrives in India and is kidnapped by goons. Her father's sins catch up with her but Agastya comes to her rescue. It progresses with Agastya's journey in the crime world. 

Agastya has a crew rich in talented actors like Mihir Das,Priyanka Patnaik,Minaketan ,Munna Sethi,Manoj Mishra who have given mesmerizing performance on the camera. Akhshay Parija was inspired to make this movie due to it's strong storyline mixed with right amount of rowdy action. Let us cross our fingers and expect that this movie does impress the audience.

It has proved to be a musical blockbuster. Being composed by Prem Anand you shouldn't expect anything less. The song sung by youth sensation and Indian Idol winner Ananya Nanda is already people's favourite. 

Even our Dabang Khan has agreed for the Hindi remake of this movie. Credits to Ollywood for being steps ahead of Bollywood in this case. Hail Agastya. Rock the theatre this Rajo. Indeed incredible Odisha.

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