Naseeruddin Shah to perform in Bhubaneswar on 10th June 2016

Naseeruddin Shah will be visiting Odisha on this June tenth -that is tomorrow. We all know Naseeruddin Shah for his characteristic look and his deep passion for acting. He holds his acting to such a class that nobody can surpass it. His movies -The girl in yellow boots,dedh ishqiya and his soon to be released movie-Teen ;all portray him in a different colour.

Shah's visit to Odisha is to perform his well known play Einstein which he first performed in festival of Prithvi theatre in November 5,2014. Naseeruddin Shah has been associated with the Prithvi Theatre not just from its first festival in 1978, but even before that when it was being constructed. This event tomorrow is organized by Zain foundation.

Zain foundation is a charitable trustee organization which is dedicated to meet every need of autistic individuals. Located in Bhubaneswar this  has also planned on helping terminally ill children with financial assistance in the near future .

The play is written by Gabriel Emmanuel and Mr Shah had long thought of doing the play but it was not the right time as he said. But after nearly a decade he wanted to perform it in the Prithvi theatre festival. He admits that remembering the monologue wasn't quit difficult -always the master. But incorporating German accent was bit of a chore he admits.

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In this play he plays the role of Einstein who talks about his contemporaries,shows his guilt over Hiroshima and the atom bomb.with the synonymous look Naseeruddin Shah no doubt pulls off the role accurately. In a promotional video of the event Shah encourages people to come and see it. Even he urges them to bring children who are above ten.

To be held tomorrow At Rabindra Mandap in Bhubaneswar all the profits from the play will be going to funds for autistic people. So come ahead Bhubaneswar. Be a part of this kind event. We had known Naseeruddin Shah as a philanthropist but his coming to Odisha to perform for the autistic people is something which will elevate him in every odia's eye.

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