New radar operating station for vessels at Paradip coast

To prevent undetected intrusion and monitor the movement of vessels plying along the Odisha coastline, the Coast Guard has started a new radar operating station at Paradip, officials said today. 

Boasting of high-end surveillance gadgets like frequency diversity radar, electro optic sensors, VHF sets and Metequipment on lighthouses, the station is a part of a chain of static sensors in different parts of the country. 

Odisha chief secretary Gokul Chandra Pati inaugurated the station yesterday. 

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"The project of Chain of Static Sensors aims at preventing undetected intrusion by monitoring the movement of vessels plying along our coastline. The station would also aid in enhancing the efficacy of search and rescue operations coordinated by the Coast Guard," a Coast Guard official said. 

The data generated by the Static Sensors flow over a robust hierarchical network architecture, connecting Coast Guard District Headquarters (Remote Operating Centers) and Regional Headquarters (Regional Operating Stations) to Coast Guard Headquarters (Control Center) at New Delhi.

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