Sura Baba Alias Surendra Mishra of Trahi Achyuta Ashram Under Police Control along with 2 Sons

Picture: Sambad, Dharitri, Samaj, Prameya Epapers

Sura baba alias Surendra Mishra, the chief of Trahi Achyuta Ashram, Jhinti Sasan on the outskirts of the capital city Bhubaneswar under police control along with two sons Trilochan Mishra and Biranchi Narayan Mishra. They are picked up from the ashram at 2 am late night.

They are charged under 291, 334 and 506 of the IPC, said the police commissioner Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma. According to reports, the arrest of two bihari criminals from the ashram, who were staying here in disguise for 17 years and many other allegations such as Fraud lands acquisition, illegal and immoral activities, cheating and molestation added against the ashram and Sura baba.

The locals of ashram, around 2,000 people stormed into the ashram and destroyed the properties. They set house on fires and burnt around 20 vehicles.


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